Bringing overseas quality to Japan

We offer World quality and World Life.

Spread world quality to the world and develop together with partners.

Overseas products are of high quality and design, and have enriched our lives and increased convenience.
Since 2017, we want to provide world-class “World QUALITY” to our customers around the world.
We entered the fast-growing amazon market in Japan, and have cultivated a track record and sales know-how while responding to the needs of our customers in the United States.

develop with partners

In order to achieve this, relationships with customers and business partners are essential.
By selling overseas products to Japanese customers at “reasonable prices,” we aim to enrich both our customers and partners.
We will promote our business so that we can become a “bridge”.

Since 2017, we have been developing a mail-order business in the US and Japan Amazon markets.
The world’s largest Amazon has immeasurable business opportunities.
It is our most important mission to spread world-class “Japan quality” outside of Japan.

However, in this market where competition is fierce and there are many regulations, there is no such thing as “just register a product and it will continue to sell”.

At our company, we will continue to spread the goodness of Japan with our strengths in “mail order marketing” and “customer service” in order to continue winning in the ever-changing Amazon market.

mail order marketing

The most important items in online shopping are “increasing the number of accesses” and “improving the purchase rate”.

We will create a synergistic effect by selling products in physical stores, shopping centers, etc., as well as sales methods unique to online shopping.

Shipping business

In EC business, shipping work is indispensable.
The shipping center delivers the products to the customer quickly and carefully.

customer service

In overseas imports, there are many exchanges with mainly English-speaking customers,

Professional staff who are fluent in English communicate with guests.

We would appreciate it if you would let us sell your products overseas.

Request from our company

Japan has a high purchasing power for foreign products.

Please allow us to sell your wonderful products.